Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fish it!

Love the childish design, simply because I can't fake sexiness. 
Fish patchwork, fisherman's knot, and white cotton.  
Never ends the childhood summer.

Shorts: A&F
Clutch: Alexander Mcqueen 
Sunnies: Karen Walker

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Every now and then, I take on some affectation of French love.  Well, who doesn't?  The rich culture, great food, cute accent, pretentious bourgeoisie, let alone all the dreamy touch that a girl may drool about.  Pearl necklace, Rococo, macaron and floral sundress on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The tea tour in the Ladurée boutique yesterday triggered this outfit, which was shot in the garden of my private mansion. 
(Just kidding! It's the castle in Long Island. XD) 
Seashore breeze, clear sky, flamboyant color, and the retro hairband and flare skirt. Now I just need a glass of bubbly champaign to complete my dose of Francophile.

Flare Skirt: H&M
Purse: Celine
Hairband and Eiffel Tower Earrings: Forever 21

Saturday, August 9, 2014

White on White, maybe a little Blue

It was hot.  In a way that makes you feel like you are being baked like a brioche or steamed like a bun.  Wearing black is probably detrimental in such weather.  
The humidity sometimes reminds me of the Plaza Hotel scene in The Great Gatsby where everyone was fidgeting about his/her secret that everyone else all knew.  Hmm, how about a ride to Long Island then?  The sumptuous castle and vast landscape of forest may calm the mind down.  And please make it white, even better if white on white, as if I can feel the lick of cool breeze on my skin and hear the sizzling when the it comes from the heart of green.

Heels: Aldo THERARWEN 
Purse: Celine

Monday, August 4, 2014

Coney Island

As a New Yorker for two years, I've never been to Coney Island, the place shown in many indie songs with a nostalgic tint.  So here I am, before the official ending of golden yet short summer of New York.

Having been to many beaches in California, I have to admit that Coney Island is by no means comparable to those beautiful ones in Sunshine State.  It feels like a smaller version of Santa Monica, with lots of family spending the good Sunday afternoon here, as well as the amusement park.  But after all, you can't have all the best things in New York.  Plus, I got to try Nathan's Hotdog eventually.  Another item checked from my list.


Something in common between New York and Cali--always end the beach with an ice cream or funnel cake. :D

Wedge Sneakers: Aldo (old collection)
Crop Top: H&M

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Little Denim Dress (aka LDD)

Platform Oxfords: Opening Ceremony
Everyone knows that denim never dies. It is always in the collection of Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana. But given the fact that it has showed up in Celine and Chanel's killer pieces in the past few seasons, we know that it is the official comeback of Denim, not just as jeans but as the Little Denim Dress (aka LDD).

I am quite happy to see the return of popularity, which gave me a chance to dig into the quieter side of my closet for my long-neglected LDD. Believe it or not, this dress is actually from my high school! (I won't spill the beans on my age. ;D) It really reminded me of the youthful and carefree time. Kudos for the timelessness!