Saturday, August 2, 2014

Little Denim Dress (aka LDD)

Platform Oxfords: Opening Ceremony
Everyone knows that denim never dies. It is always in the collection of Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana. But given the fact that it has showed up in Celine and Chanel's killer pieces in the past few seasons, we know that it is the official comeback of Denim, not just as jeans but as the Little Denim Dress (aka LDD).

I am quite happy to see the return of popularity, which gave me a chance to dig into the quieter side of my closet for my long-neglected LDD. Believe it or not, this dress is actually from my high school! (I won't spill the beans on my age. ;D) It really reminded me of the youthful and carefree time. Kudos for the timelessness!

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